Vanessa Knit Dress

Break Dress

Fique Waistcoat / Sanka Knit T-Neck

Neline New Shirt / Posh Skirt

Neline Shirt / Neline Trousers

Kris Knit Top / Luna Track Trousers

Esla Blazer / Pi Shirt / Pi Trousers

Lilje Anorak

Sandja Jacket / Sandja Cargo Trousers

Sogano Coat / Kaleem Crop Blazer / Kaleem Straight Trousers / Matima T-Neck Tee

Sogano Coat / Kaleem Crop Blazer / Matima T-Neck Tee

Walance Coat / Holsye Waistcoat / Holsye Cargo Trousers

R i k k e K n i t T- N e c k / L e t h o L e a t h e r C a r g o Tr o u s e r s S

S i m o n a J a c k e t / R i k k e K n i t Top

V i n c e n t W r a p D r e s s / V i n c e n t S h i r t / V i n c e n t Tr o u s e r s

Elegance New Dress

Elegance New Dress

J a i m e B l a z e r / K i n n e K n i t Ve s t / J a i m e S k i r t

Cast Maxi Dress

Leata Maxi Leather Bag

Elegance Long Blazer / Brookline Knit New O-Neck / Larca Skirt

Lito New Leather Blazer I Cordie Cargo Trousers / Asanti Bodystocking

Custom title


A collection of female forthcomingness, that plays with the interpretation of the female power. Spring 23 is a colour story built around the definition of a Spectrum, hence the name Spectra. A Spectrum is a range of colours sent out from a light source, when viewed through a prism. An example of a spectrum could be a rainbow.

We have made a colour palette of bright colours, full of optimistic energy, making our own Spectra! A vibrant colour & a softer related colour for each delivery, but in a nice harmony – starting with soft & classic dependable blue tones combined with a more demanding vibrant blue for December and Sharp Pink combined with a smooth light pink for January.
For February you  will  see  a  sour  yellowish  green  combined  with  the  softer and more natural organic green. And at last for March, we have a strong warm orange colour supported by a sweet and blushing light apricot colour.
To compliment all of the above colours, a base of Nurturing warm basic earthy hues is added to make the colour palette complete & harmonic.

The definition of a Spectra can also be used abstract to classify something, in terms of its position on a scale between two opposite points.
Style wise we have a wide Spectra of power suits in new & own developed luxurious fabrics. A variety of shapes & new fits for blazers & trousers. The suits enhance the female power. Reworked classics like new details on classic cotton shirts. Wide variety of dress shapes, body conscious, waist-focus, short & midi dresses. Focus on new feminine stitches in our knitwear, & more spring yarns. We strive to give the garments a lot of tender love & care & work with details.