Second Female´s Fall 22 inspiration is based on the personal style & work of the Swedish Artist, the painter Mamma Andersson.
A cool down to earth, strong & independent woman, which makes her very relevant to the time being.
She is often portraited in men’s inspired outfits, a feminine shirt with classic trousers.
In her paintings, her interpretation of the Nordic nature is often raw, motifs are often very recognizable, but with an unexpected use of colours.
Soft chalky colours, that seems to have different layers to gain the right feminine colour universe, in contrast to the dark, almost black shadows in her paintings.
Her originality lies in the way she transfers known objects or motifs, in the way she mixes them & plays with the layers.
This new Fall 22 collection “NORDIC LAYERS” represents our take on how Mamma Andersson`s artistic universe can be translated into wearable layers.